Dharmik Vidhi and Pooja

Dharmik Vidhi & Pooja in Mumbai

For a majority of hindus, the most important religious path is of bhakti & devotion to specific gods & deities. There is actually a wide range of gods to choose from, but most stick to a desired god or ishta devata as commonly known. Most devotees tend to perform various forms of poojas by practicing worship of gods in a particular way with whom there is close personal relationship. These poojas or worship of gods consists of ritual offerings & prayers offered on special days before an image of deity, which is in the form of image or symbol. Some dedicated worshipers perform these ceremonies daily at their homes; others travel to one or more temples to perform this pooja. These poojas are done in the presence of a priest in temples & present their offerings to gods. Fundamentally pooja involves bhakti, in this one must approach & treat god with selfless love; indeed this is the way in which bhakti is most typically put into practice. Significantly this love is thought to flow both ways: the devotee loves the god & god loves the devotee in return. There are various steps & ways in which a particular dharmik pooja should be conducted, for this expertise is required in that field which is prominent & available at Jai Malhar Astrology Center. Different types of pooja vidhi conducted here are
Mangal Karya
Janma dosha shanti
Yog shanty
Other dosha shanty etc…
Dharmik pooja is done on a variety of occasions, frequencies & settings, to name a few events such as birth of baby, a wedding, or to begin a new venture.
Generally hindus see this pooja as a simple way for ordinary people to relate to divine. Pooja takes several forms such as darshan, arpan, smaran, shravan & bhajan. The prayer thus performed could either be silent or be accompanied by prayers. Poojas can be performed either individually or in groups. Theentire aim of performing the dharmik vidhi & pooja is to create a protective layer of spiritual forces around us, warding off all evils & negative forces, thereby creating a conducive environment to lead a normal & happy life.

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