Dharmik Vidhi & Pooja in Dombivli

Dharmik Vidhi & Pooja in Dombivli

For a majority of Hindus, the most important religious path is of bhakti & devotion to specific gods & deities. There is actually a wide range of gods to choose from, but most stick to the desired god or ishta devata as commonly known. Most devotees tend to perform various forms of poojas by practicing worship of gods in a particular way with whom there is a close personal relationship. These poojas or worship of gods consists of ritual offerings & prayers offered on special days before an image of a deity, which is in the form of image or symbol.

Some dedicated worshipers perform these ceremonies daily at their homes; others travel to one or more temples to perform this pooja. These poojas are done in the presence of a priest in temples & present their offerings to gods. Fundamentally pooja involves bhakti, in this one must approach & treat god with selfless love; indeed this is the way in which bhakti is most typically put into practice. Significantly this love is thought to flow both ways: the devotee loves the god & God loves the devotee in return.

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