Vastu Consultation for Plot

Vastu Consultation for Plot

Shape and size of the plot:

The best shapes for plots of land square measure sq. or rectangular, facing squarely on the four cardinal directions.

It is sensible if the plot is narrower at the doorway and wider at its rear, however the other isn’t sensible.

Round, oval, and triangular plots ought to be avoided. The house mustn’t be in-built the form of a diamond, with the corner facing north. formed plots are inauspicious and will not be purchased. If the land is cut within the corner this is often not sensible. If doable the land to fill within the missing corner ought to be purchased. If the land is clip on the northeast facet it’s terribly dangerous and isn’t auspicious; don’t purchase it. it’s sort of a headless body.

A land tilt of twenty degrees, off sq. by twenty degrees, is appropriate. If the plot is rectangular, it’s higher that the longer sides run north to south instead of west to east. the most effective properties square measure either sq. or rectangular. If the plot isn’t an ideal parallelogram, it’s best if a minimum of the southwest and southeast sides of the land square measure at 90┬║ angles from each other. The southwest facet of the quadrilateral ought to undoubtedly not be extended past the southeast facet, though meaning making a gift of some of the plot. Land that extends past the northeast facet of the quadrilateral, however, brings wealth, happiness, and sensible name. Land extending on the northeast facet is incredibly sensible. Extensions on the other facet square measure inauspicious. Extensions of the northwest facet can cause you to lose cash and peace.


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