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Vastu shastra (vāstu śāstra, vastu veda, vastuvidya, Thachu Shastra, Thatchu Shasthra, “shastra of construction“, “architecture“) is AN ancient ism that consists of precepts born out of a standard read on however the laws of nature have an effect on human dwellings. The styles area unit supported directional alignments. It accustomed be applied in Hindu design, particularly for Hindu temples, and covers alternative domains, together with vehicles, vessels, furniture, sculpture, paintings etc. the muse of Vastu is historically ascribed to the sage Maamuni Mayan (Mahaa-muni Maya, a daanava/demon reformed by tapasyaa/austerities) in South Bharat, and Vishvakarman in North Bharat.

While Vastu had long been basically restricted to temple design, there has been a revival of it in Bharat, in recent decades, notably underneath the influence recently V. Ganesa Sthapati, WHO has been effort for a restoration of the tradition in fashionable Indian society since the Nineteen Sixties. whereas the fields area unit connected, Shilpa Shastra expressly manage sculpture – forms, statues, icons, stone murals etc. The ism of Vastu Shastra cares primarily with design – building homes, forts, temples, residences and alternative buildings.

The Indo-Aryan word vastu means that a lodging or house with a corresponding plot of land. The vrddhi, vāstu, takes the which means of “the web site or foundation of a house, site, ground, building or dwelling-place, habitation, homestead, house”. The underlying root is vas “to dwell, live, stay, abide”.The term shastra could loosely be translated as “doctrine, teaching”. Historians like James Ferguson, Sir dancer, Dr. Havell have steered that Vastu Shastra developed between the amount of 6000 BCE to 3000 BCE, adding that Harappa, Mohenjo-daro stands on the principles of Vastu Shashtra.It has been noted that Vastu was one amongst the best creator and city coming up with skilled ever made by Bharat WHO lived thousands years past. The king would send him for coming up with and establishing a city.

Fundamental ideas
There area unit several principles in Vaastu Shastra. to say some that involve bound mathematical calculations, Maana is employed for proportional relationships in a very building and Aayaadi specifies conditions for max well being and advantages for the residents of a building. Below area unit a number of the fundamental theories in vaastu sastra.

Five parts
According to the vastu sastra, the globe contains 5 basic parts referred to as the pancha Omaha bhoota. Out of the eight planets, ours has life thanks to the presence and balance of those 5 parts. The 5 parts area unit as follows.

EARTH (Bhumi):

Earth, the third planet so as from the sun, may be a massive magnet with North and South poles as centers of attractions. Its magnetic flux and gravitation has substantial effects on everything on the planet, living and non-living.

WATER (Jal):

this can be depicted by rain, river, ocean and is within the sort of liquid, solid (ice) and gas (steam, cloud). It forms a part of each plant and animal. Our blood is generally water.

AIR (Vayu):

As a life supporting part, air may be a terribly powerful life supply. Human physical comfort values area unit directly and sensitively captivated with correct humidness, air flow, temperature of air, gas pressure, air composition and its content.

FIRE (Agni):

Represents light-weight and warmth that account for day, night, the seasons, energy, enthusiasm, passion and vigour.

SPACE (Akasha):

The Akasha provides shelter to any or all the higher than parts. it’s conjointly thought-about the first conductor of all energy sources among the universal context – physical energies like sound and light-weight, social energies like psychological and emotional, and psychological feature energies like intellect and intuition.

There is AN invisible and constant relation between all the 5 parts. Thus, the person will improve their conditions by properly coming up with their buildings by understanding the effectiveness of those 5 natural forces. Vaastu Sastra combines all the 5 parts of nature and balances them with the person and therefore the material. It takes advantage of the advantages presented by the 5 parts of nature to make a congenial living and dealing atmosphere thereby facilitating non secular well-being and paving the means for increased health, wealth, prosperity and happiness.

According to traditional knowledge, the entire universe around us is made up of 5 basic elements. They are Earth, Water, Fire, Air, Space.These are the elements of nature which should be coordinated with the human body as well. This coordination is critical because this is what makes or breaks the human relationship harmonious. Knowledge of these elements can really make it beneficial for person’s to know more about vaastu shastra & also help in realize why they have to make certain changes in the house or put certain things in a particular direction or way. Our Hindu culture is the oldest in the world & has a rich heritage of developing various branches of science. Vaastu shastra is one science that has developed over the years based on traditional knowledge gained from studying the nature. Application of this knowledge certainly made sure that the construction of houses was scientific & spiritual at the same time. This is the knowledge that people have garnered through thousands of years of study & practice. Earlier Vaastu started out with the construction rules of Hindu temples, it soon flourished out to homes, offices, sculptures, paintings, vehicles & almost every aspect of life.

Other than the elements, directions are the most important factor of this ancient practice. While making a house or a building making sure everything is in the right corner is of utmost importance & this is the reason it is mandatory for people to know about Vaastu shastra. The 4 directions namely North, South, East & West & its specific characteristics can be understood here at Jai Malhar Center. We have been providing Vaastu consultancy in Mumbai, vaastu consultancy in thane & also in dombivli. If you know the basics of vaastu shastra you will certainly be able to attract the positive energy you want in all your endeavors.
With our advice people of Dombivli, Thane & Mumbai have really grown to use vaastu shastra for better life. People have started to appreciate the concept a lot. This study is aimed towards drawing & concentrating positive energy in people’s lives so they actually manage to succeed in whatever they chose to do. The people living & working in buildings & constructions which comply to the rules of vaastu certainly lead a better & happy life. They have no reasons whatsoever to find another house or office for themselves. With the help of this knowledge vaastu shastra people can harness the benefits of all positive energies to their advantage.

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