Vastu Tips For Hospitals

Vastu Tips For Hospitals

The ideal location for the development of Operation Theater is that the west zone of the hospital.
In the operation theater, the machines or equipments ought to be placed within the southeast. The patient’s head ought to be within the south, at the time of operation, within the theatre.

In the operation theater, the medical equipment ought to be unbroken within the south, southwest or side of the patients’ bed.
In the treatment room, the doctor ought to sit at south, west or southwest facet solely and therefore the patients ought to sit before him.
‘L’ form is additional vital at doctor’s treatment room. This ‘L’ form ought to be raised solely to the northeast direction. it’ll undoubtedly bring prosperity to the top of the establishment or the doctor.
The patient’s area ought to be oxygenated and have openings within the northeast, to permit the entry of positive rays that may facilitate them in healing and sick shortly.
The store area for keeping the medical equipment ought to be within the southwest, west or south direction solely. It must always be in an exceedingly higher place than the flooring of the most hospital.
The emergency patients ought to be settled within the southwest area, for immediate recovery and healing.
The right place for the beverage is that the northeast portion. For loos, the apt location is that the japanese or northern facet of the hospital.
Shelves or racks of medical books are often placed within the south or west direction.
Southeast direction area would be simply apt for X-Ray functions.
Southeast and northwest zones square measure each appropriate for the development of nurses’ quarters.
The perfect location for dynamical area and rest room is south or west.
The entrance of the Hospital ought to face either east or north.

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